A key component of a successful CRM roll-out is to train and support users to help them adapt to the new ways of working until it becomes habitual.

In addition to 24/7 online access to our Administrator and User Guides, we offer various training options to help you get the most out of your SharePoint CRM investment.

On-Demand Training:

Online training videos that are available whenever you are. We currently have 40+ video tutorials (120 minutes) online and new videos are released monthly.

Topics covered in these short, 3-5 minute tutorials include:

  • User Training: User (non-IT staff) training on how to use standard SharePoint CRM features
  • Administrator Training: Technical – Video instructions how to configure and customize SharePoint CRM Template

Online Classroom:

Free User Training Webinars. Complimentary one-hour CRM User Training webinars are offered periodically for SharePoint CRM clients*.

  • Calendar
  • Introduction to SharePoint CRM 1 & 2
    This two-part course gets new users oriented to the basics of the CRM – finding information, navigating through the Lists and Views, and adding new CRM Items.
  • Sales Basics
    This course is geared toward Sales Associates & Managers that need to know how to connect the sales-oriented components of the CRM system to Outlook.
    Prerequisite: Introduction to SharePoint CRM 1 & 2
  • Marketing Basics
    This course is oriented to those in marketing positions who need to create lists and send out information.
    Prerequisite: Introduction to SharePoint CRM 1 & 2


  • A maximum of 2 participants from any one Client organization/group per session
  • A maximum of 4 sessions per participant (this includes the 2-part Introduction to SharePoint CRM)
  • Our SharePoint CRM Demo site is used as the training example in our complimentary webinars. If you wish to substitute your own CRM site in a training session, please see information on Custom Training (below)
  • LookOut reserves the right to cancel any class with less than the minimum number of participants.

Custom Training:

Using your own SharePoint CRM site in our personalized training sessions will help participants to learn concepts unique to your line of business while also serving as team building opportunities. In addition to CRM functionality, a positive user experience can help ensure your staff is on board, making the transition to the new CRM application easier for all.

Custom training can be provided based on your specific requirements, at all user levels. Contact [email protected] or your LookOut Software Partner Representative for more information.