(SharePoint) CRM Template – A Success Story

– Plastiflex Group, Belgium

“We were (in need) of a CRM solution that could be installed and rolled out quickly to a global audience.

We already had SharePoint in-house…our strategy has always been to minimize delivering new applications to end users…because of the steep learning curve and additional IT maintenance. We were very thrilled that we found LookOut’s (SharePoint) CRM…which fit exactly what we were looking for! We have not regretted that choice … at all.

We are pushing SharePoint it to its limits (meaning that we are using all the features it has to offer OOTB) and … the early versions of SharePoint CRM Template did not offer all the features we required. Due to the excellent support and customer oriented approach of the LookOut Software team, they delivered all the missing features!!
Listening to your customers is something that is very much valued as it seems…and that’s what makes the difference!”


  • Fits like a glove onto your existing SharePoint installation
  • Easy to customize to fit your custom needs
  • Additional modules have been developed to be used on top of (the base) SharePoint CRM template (like Case Management, Project and Products)
  • Design is very well thought through giving features that you would like to see in standard SharePoint as well
  • Easy navigation
  • Integration with MS Office (especially the Outlook Plugin, it is great!)

Cons: None

Highly Recommend This Product!

– CBRE, United States

“We needed a CRM solution for the bank’s corporate real estate department that could replace an existing, customized SharePoint site. We needed a low-cost solution that offered the typical customer contact management, but permitting customization and the ability to leverage content from our existing SharePoint site and investment to date.

It was obvious that SharePoint CRM (LookOut Software) was the right solution. LookOut quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions within the software to meet our custom needs. The tool brought added functionality that we did not envision which was another key benefit.

Throughout our implementation process, LookOut Software’s Support Team was easily accessible and more than willing to work with us to make the changes necessary to accommodate our specialized needs. Their experience with SharePoint and CRM software expertise was invaluable throughout the process. The result is a system that contains the specialized functionality needed for our business model, as well as capitalizes on native SharePoint.”


  • Highly-customizable.
  • Expertise of LookOut Software team and their willingness to work on customizations to the SharePoint user interface
  • Software is user-friendly
  • Capitalization of native SharePoint functionality

Cons: None