“LookOut Soft CRM Template a Success Story”

“Some year back we were in a need to look for a CRM solution, that could be installed and rolled out quickly to a global audience.”

“We already had SharePoint in-house. And as our strategy has always been to minimize delivering new applications to end users. Because of the steep learning curve and additional IT maintenance. We were very thrilled that we found LookOut CRM Template. Which fitted exactly what we were looking for!”

“We have not regretted that choice so far at all.”

“As we are pushing SharePoint it its limits (meaning that we are using all the features it has to offer out of the box). Like custom Forms Development, adding Client Side Scripts using Custom Workflows, External data integration from our ERP system using BCS, Integration with SM SQL Reporting Services, etc.”

“We were expecting the same from CRM Template. Unfortunately the early versions of CRM Template did not offer all the features we required.”

“But due to the excellent support and customer oriented approach of the LookOut Soft team. They delivered all the missing features!!”

“‘Listen to your customers’ is something that is very much valued as it seems.”

“And that’s what makes the difference at the end ! :-)”

“Pros: Fits like a glove onto your existing SharePoint installation. Easy to customize to fit your custom needs. Additional modules have been developed to be used on top of CRM Template (like Case Management, Project and Products). The design is very well thought through. Giving you features that you would like to see in standard SharePoint as well. Easy navigation. Integration with MS Office (especially the Outlook Connector is great).

“Cons: None”

- Plastiflex

“Highly Recommend This Product!”

“We needed a CRM solution for the bank’s corporate real estate department that could replace an existing, customized SharePoint site. We needed a low-cost solution that offered the typical customer contact management, but permitting customization and the ability to leverage content from our existing Sharepoint site and investment to date.”

“It was obvious that the SharePoint CRM by LookOut software was the right solution. Kerri Groves from LookOut headed up the demonstration and quickly got up-to-speed on our business requirements and offered solutions within the LookOut software to meet our custom needs. The tool brought added functionality that we did not envision which was another key benefit. Throughout our implementation process, LookOut Software’s Support Team was easily accessible and more than willing to work with us to make the changes necessary to accommodate our specialized needs. The support team’s experience with SharePoint and CRM software expertise was invaluable throughout the process. The result is a system that contains the specialized functionality needed for our business model, as well as capitalizes on native SharePoint functionality.”

“Pros: Highly-customizable. Expertise of Kerri Groves and her willingness to work on customizations to the SharePoint user interface. Software is user-friendly. Capitalization of native SharePoint functionality.”

“Cons: None”

- Tracey DeCicco, Business Intelligence Consultant CBRE

“Our company purchased the SharePoint CRM system after we found our existing ACT system didn’t fulfil our business requirements anymore.”

“We were already familiar with SharePoint, having a SharePoint –based intranet, and the SharePoint CRM was easily integrated to our existing intranet.”

“We took out the Silver Bullet Implementation Program from LookOut to help with the roll out of the CRM and it’s been fantastic! LookOut Software’s support team has been wonderful helping us along the way with customising the system where necessary and providing invaluable support to get the CRM up and running.”

“We are very happy with our new SharePoint CRM site. The Outlook plugin and Pentalogic add-on have been great. The CRM has helped us make sense of our contact database and provided us with a reliable way of reporting on our sales pipeline.”

- Sarah McDonald Itex Jersey LTD

“Even though we use a large Microsoft ERP application, I knew based on years of experience that we did not want to go the route of the Microsoft CRM. During my search I was fortunate to find LookOut Software.”

“I was sold on the product after my first conversation with them. Not only is it the most flexible CRM product I have seen but the LookOut Software team offers the best support from any application provider I have ever worked with, and I have worked with a lot of them!”

“Our biggest challenge was to create the change in our Associates way of thinking and to convince them to give this CRM a chance. We have a very complex business structure and over the years the company has tried many products that have failed to deliver so all I heard was Here we go again, what makes this one so special….

“Okay, so I had to twist a lot of arms to get everyone on board using the CRM (seriously, a lot of arms). I am pleased to say that everyone sees the difference in this product!”

“It actually ties all of our systems together and provides the useful information that the sales team has always struggled to gather to deliver top notch service to our customers. Not to mention the information provided has helped to close deals. I have found, if the product doesn’t help the Sales team make money they won’t use it, plain and simple.”

“Our implementation is continually evolving as someone thinks of new areas to incorporate into the CRM. With LookOut Software’s help and the flexibility of the product this has never been an issue.”

“I can’t say enough good things about the CRM and LookOut Software’s customer service.”

- Karen Branson Brady Services

“I purchased this software solution about three months ago after purchasing other CRM solutions for SharePoint only to find great dissappointment with the competing products between lack of support and the competing solutions being underdeveloped.”

“Since coming to LookOut not only is the software incredible and easy to use as well as customize, but the customer service is incredible. LookOut Software truly understands the concept of CRM and how if leveraged properly it can be the cornerstone to your business.”

“We manage all of our relationships with both customers and all of our vendors, all accounting records, shipping records, order documentation as well as the entire sales cycle with this software. It’s really enabled us to significantly maximize our SharePoint investment.”

“As a small business of just 5 employees this software allows us to almost entirely run our business through just SharePoint alone. I also really like how they are making a significant effort to stick with the fundamentals of the SharePoint structure and interface. This makes it much easier for me to customize with less of a learning curve. Wearing as many hats as I do, I just don’t have time for learning curves.”

“I should also note that the management team at LookOut strongly encourages feedback and actually implements it instead of the suggestion boxes at so many other companies that seem to be ignored generally.”

- Dana Dexter

“Nicole and I are thrilled that on day one we’ve already begun using SharePoint CRM in production with virtually zero learning curve. Unbelievable! This software really is a winner.”

- Kevin Hancock, President FrameMyTV

“In a difficult economic time it was a hard sell to convince management to purchase a CRM application. The ability to leverage existing hardware and the reasonable cost of LookOut Software’s SharePoint CRM application won management over. You have heard the saying that you get what you pay for…but in this case I feel like our company got way more than it paid for. What we got was a full featured, easy to access, easy to use application that my computer challenged team of sales reps can actually use! I also can’t say enough good things about LookOut Software’s support team who always stand ready to listen to suggestions and offer any help needed.”

- Thermal Ceramics, Inc.

“The team at LookOut is first rate. Our experience with them has been wonderful. There are lots of good software product on the market and even some really good CRM system, but what makes a product great is the service behind it. They helped us implement their CRM product to meet our business need. All along the way they helped keep us on track. Best of all they took the time to understand our business. This is absolutely critical of any CRM implementation. The folks on the LookOut team are professional, hardworking and a real pleasure to work with.”

- Associa

“As a Sales Manager I found this product to be extremely helpful. After the IT implementation I was able to customize the product further to meet my needs with minimal outside help. When further product functionality was required our IT staff developed a solution that required some changes from LookOut. LookOut Software realized the relevance of our request and was quick to enhance the functionality of their software, bringing a release to all users.”

- Porex Corporation