There are many specific aspects to the Property Management business that are unlike other industries. It includes multiple relationships, yet many are also stable relationships – in that the relationship structure is not continuously changing.

Generally, the structural relationships in Property Management are:

  1. A Property (Building)
  2. A Unit within the Property
  3. The Landlord of the Property
  4. The Tenant of the Property
  5. Several Services companies that support the Property
  6. Employees of the Landlord

As with all business sectors, we must first establish from the above items which is the “parent” item (the primary record that all things communicate around). In the world of Property Management, the focus is on the property. Without a property, there would be no need for any of the other items!

Because units are rented or leased by tenants, naturally there will be some turnover with renters. Therefore, service providers are kept busy with exits and new move-ins, along with general maintenance.

To manage the relationships of all these items it is necessary to utilize a highly integrated relationship management solution.

SharePoint CRM provides an exciting opportunity for Property Management companies of all sizes to leverage their SharePoint investment and include all staff members in a centralized repository of information that has both structure and flexibility.