Our Outlook Plugin for CRM SharePoint is a one-click solution for storing, connecting and sharing vital customer/client email interactions and attachments.

  • Create new CRM entries from Outlook with the mere click of a button
  • Add Outlook Contacts to SharePoint CRM
  • Save important emails and attachments to the CRM system for storage & easy retrieval
  • Convert emails to Interactions or Tasks
  • Import Contacts and Tasks from the CRM to Outlook for offsite use
  • Messages saved to the CRM can be reopened & forwarded at any time
  • Saved emails can be viewed without having to search for them!

The Outlook CRM Plugin reduces the time needed to process email communication, boosting efficiency and streamlining processes. Eliminate your Outlook inbox and folders of the clutter of saved messages!

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While Outlook is a widely-used email client, it is not functional enough to serve as a CRM solution. Give your entire team the ability to quickly get a snapshot of past communications with Outlook CRM Plugin for SharePoint!

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