We have long been specialists in delivering solutions for industries that manage multiple relationships.

When seeking a contact management solution, a common challenge is addressing the fundamental need to manage “high risk-oriented” relationships with individuals who in turn, are related to multiple organizations.

CRM systems are typically constructed within linear “people-to-organization” relationships which prove to be limiting for oil and gas companies, because they often need to manage multiple and dynamic “people-to-organization” relationships.

We have addressed this requirement by including a Super Grid in SharePoint CRM that allows dynamic connections to be made. In this regard it is possible to set up an individual related to a primary organization, and then connect the same individual to the dynamic organizations they also represent. Logging of all interactions is represented within these dynamic relationship lists.

Maintaining a log of communications is a risk mitigation factor this industry cannot afford to ignore. Our focus on making the basics fast and easy will be appreciated.

Another key requirement for this industry is the means to communicate messages to the marketplace based on categorization of individuals. SharePoint creates a terrific platform for this as lookup lists can be easily maintained and used within our advanced cross-module search engine to produce lists which can be exported for marketing purposes with a note of each action.

Although our Stakeholder & Issue Management software is designed specifically for industries (such as oil and gas that require management of projects, issues and stakeholders), we have many of these industry clients using SharePoint CRM.

Given our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complex nature of relationships, you can be confident that we will advise you of the best option given your requirements.