We love manufacturing clients – not only because we believe that manufacturing is the backbone of our way of life, but because we understand it – we are manufacturers ourselves!

To run a successful manufacturing operation you must be lean and efficient (especially since many industries now compete with cheap overseas labor).

Sales people who operate in manufacturing are typically highly experienced and have often been in their specific industry for many years. Relationships are a key component to success for every manufacturing organization –not just with customers but with vendors, distributors and partners.

We don’t need to understand the ins and outs of the specific manufacturing operation because that’s the job of the ERP system suppliers. From the CRM side of matters, we need to understand the intricacies of the sales process because every manufacturing company has nuances that apply specifically to their industry sector and their DNA.

At times, manufacturing companies face challenges when implementing CRM software if sales people don’t feel they are very computer-savvy and are more comfortable building face-to-face relationships with customers and industry contacts.

Manufacturers are highly technical from the operations side, but the sales teams have often been left to their own devices. This situation is becoming increasingly bothersome to the management of these organizations.

We have many manufacturing organizations as SharePoint CRM clients because of their essential need to be cost-efficient and maintain an edge over competition.

Our affordable per-user and unlimited-user pricing options allow manufacturing organizations to move forward with their CRM plans and maintain their focus on the bottom line.