Our SharePoint CRM Relational Toolkit doesn’t come with a multi-million dollar marketing campaign, but it does come with our promise that your success is more important to us than simply selling software.

Unlike the big box, Enterprise and Cloud CRM providers,

  • We want our customers to feel confident that our software will meet their needs before they pay anything for it. This is why we offer a free on-premise trial of our software before you buy.
  • During the evaluation period we don’t charge for support time, which is essentially free consulting that most software companies charge for.
  • There is no charge for our Outlook CRM Plugin for SharePoint, which is a full application in its own right – other CRM vendors sell similar apps as additional products that must be purchased separately.
  • Our clients enjoy complimentary training webinars, video tutorials and discounts on customization services during active maintenance years.

We are not reinventing the wheel. We offer an affordable, customizable and extendable platform that allows users to make the most of every interaction and opportunity that comes down the pipeline – yet we don’t pretend that the unrealistic is possible.

We make every effort to restrain our customer’s enthusiasm to “have it all at once”, helping them to start small, supporting them to think through the important factors for their business. When they stumble, we are here to help move them forward by sharing our knowledge and best practices.