The prominent, priority and pressing issue to be considered when working with health-related organizations is the need to address the multi-relational aspect of the business process.

Although the Healthcare industry is multi-faceted, SharePoint CRM serves as an extremely useful and affordable option with the following features and extensions available to support a solution:

  1. SharePoint CRM is hosted on-premise to ensure the sensitivity of data is protected.
  2. Multiple Opportunity Types can be used to track a variety of project-related data (not to replace Project Management software, but provides the ability to log interactions and tasks as they related to Projects/Opportunities).
  3. Cascading Fields allow structured processes for interactions and tasks.
  4. Tasks and Interactions relate directly to specific items such as Organizations, Contacts (Providers) and Opportunities (Projects)
  5. Customizable list names, items and fields to replicate the specific terminology used in your industry.
  6. Create New Lists and relate them to existing lists to manage specific details related to segments of the business.
  7. Multi Relational Connections capability to inter-connect organizations and individuals to other organizations and individuals — representing the multi-relational nature of the Healthcare industry.
  8. Internally-managed personalization capabilities with the Advanced CRM Configurator.
  9. Custom Alerts, filters and reports that can be achieved “on the fly” using one of our approved third party web parts.

The Healthcare industry is a fast moving, competitive and evolving sector. SharePoint CRM is designed to be solid, dependable, easy to use and highly adaptable to support such a dynamic industry.

If you are seeking a Relationship Management system for SharePoint, please contact us for a demonstration and references within the Healthcare industry.