The distribution business sector has its own unique challenges – even if the distribution arm is connected directly to the manufacturer.

Distributors are typically sandwiched between the manufacturer (and its business process and structures) and the end-user customer. Sometimes the distributor can influence the manufacturer’s decision making process, but typically that’s not the case.

As well, a distributor usually carries multiple products and represents multiple manufacturers. This creates an even more complex scenario, as the distributor strives to keep both sides happy – selling enough to meet their manufacturer’s quota – and providing what the customer wants with what they can sell.

The relationship requirements for this industry include matching end-user customers of the manufacturer.

The Multi Relational Tracker module in SharePoint CRM enables quick access to whom, and how many, end-user customers there are for each manufacturer. Each manufacturer can be kept in the same database for ease of use while being segmented by views and filtered lists.

Because SharePoint CRM can operate with Accounts/Contacts and Individuals in the same database, it’s now possible for “Business to Consumer” (B2C) distributors to benefit from a Relationship Management system that offers flexible pricing with an option for unlimited users.

Just a few of the valuable features SharePoint CRM provides Distributor businesses:

  1. Multi-Relationship Tracker to pull all End User Customers and attach them to the Manufacturer.
  2. Attach Order details using SharePoint connector to provide a complete picture of the order history of the end user customer.
  3. Multiple Opportunity types to create different sales processes for each manufacturer (product lines).
  4. Central database allowing all communications with end user customers and manufacturers to be tracked.

With the multiple relationships that Distributors must deal with constantly, finding a CRM that focuses on simplifying complex relationship-driven sales management is hard to find. SharePoint CRM could be the right solution for your distributorship.

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