SaaS and On-Premises: Making The Right Choice

There has been a great deal written in recent years about the advantages and disadvantages associated with On-Premises and Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise solutions. Cloud computing is clearly a force to be reckoned with and as it reshapes the landscape of the business world it is changing how we think about data ownership, […]


CRM Success is a Team Affair

Teamwork is essential – not because it allows you to blame someone else, but because it is virtually impossible for anyone to do anything without the efforts of other people. This is especially true when it comes to business. If you want to succeed every individual in your organization must be committed to the efforts […]


We’ve Redesigned our Blog!

In the spirit of change, we are pleased to launch the redesign of our blog home. We hope you like the fresh design and improved navigation! All of us at LookOut Software are setting ambitious goals for what we intend to achieve this year. While some things change, others seem to stay the same. Customer […]


Think of CRM as a Vehicle

Let’s travel back through the hallways of history to before the advent of the vehicle and the personal computer. Back then, the vast majority of people couldn’t travel long distances easily and the scope of communication was restricted to what could be expressed in the local area. A lot has changed – and for better or worse, […]


If a CRM System Was A Person…

Imagine this: one day you arrive at work only to find that your CRM system (let’s call him Clyde) has become conscious and is now walking around the office. Clyde has learned how to speak your language. He’s frustrated and becoming vocal, claiming that he has a bone to pick with all those people who […]


What do YOU mean when YOU talk about CRM?

When I talk about CRM I am not just talking about software because CRM is more than software; it’s a business strategy. CRM software as we currently understand it has existed for nearly two decades, but Customer Relationship Management as a concept and business process has been around for much longer, possibly as long as […]


Is a Support Plan Needed for CRM Software?

The question of how much implementation support is needed to nurture a successful rollout is often posed to those of us in the CRM software business and it’s a difficult one to answer as it depends upon a variety of factors. In this blog I’ll do my best to answer some of the questions that […]


Fast and Easy CRM? There’s No Such Thing

As I peek around the CRM market today I often find an oversaturated hype machine obsessed with marketing everything as “fast” and “easy”. But, contrary to popular belief, making effective use of CRM is neither fast nor easy. Successful implementations require time, energy, commitment, leadership and collaboration from all involved parties. It is imperative that […]


Learning the Language of CRM

The biggest challenge we face when attempting to reach our goals is giving up on them before we reach the point of no return. To illustrate this point I will share a personal anecdote with you. A person who has since become a good friend of mine immigrated to Canada as a refugee when he […]


Love Your CRM As If It Were Your Only Child

Anyone who is a parent (or has friends who are parents) surely has heard stories regarding the good and sometimes difficult parts involved with raising a child, and being responsible for the life of another human being. It’s a daunting task, no doubt. One gives birth to life and then instinctually nurtures their offspring until […]