There are so many different types and sizes of Associations, operating in countless trades and industry sectors. Because members are literally the life of the Association, everyone involved knows that servicing them is the main focus.

Membership drives and events designed to boost membership may not have been historically viewed from the Associations’ perspective as the act of “selling”. Nonetheless, as more and more Associations now compete for the time and money of potential members, selling is indeed what they must do to stay alive.

Maintaining membership is such a key component to how an Association can stay in business that the focus on “upselling” to existing members, along with growing the membership, are activities that usually consume the Association’s time.

In this regard, an Association is as much a selling organization as any other business is – they just haven’t always seen themselves that way.

Larger Associations have an advantage with many options in terms of technology solutions for developing new business and managing relationships, but smaller Associations with fewer financial resources typically don’t – until now.

Because SharePoint CRM can be utilized as a Membership Sales System, it is an affordable solution for Associations with many users, even those that don’t have the budget for high-priced software.