Our SharePoint CRM application is designed to be flexible, adaptable and extendable to fit and support an evolving business. The Advanced CRM Settings (CRM Settings) list contains many options to personalize the CRM as your business needs change.

It is not necessary for every SharePoint CRM client to use every CRM Setting. Your SharePoint CRM application may not have a requirement for some of the settings. If a particular setting is not in your list and it is not something you use, it can then be ignored.

As an alternative, you might want to maintain all current CRM Setting options with a defined value of “False” or blank. This will ensure the feature is turned off or disabled until the situation requires the CRM Setting to be applied.

Access to CRM Settings

CRM Settings are accessed via Site Actions if you are the Site Administrator or a member of a SharePoint group with Full Control permissions.

Advanced CRM

Examples of CRM Settings

  1. Privileges
  2. Team Permission setup
  3. Workflow Next Steps configuration
  4. Opportunity Stages Mappings
  5. Search configurations
  6. Cascade Field controls
  7. Action Bars and Custom Menu Controls
  8. Delete Behavior Controls
  9. Etc.

At version 3.09 we are offering 138 setting controls with our CRM Template.